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3D Realism Areola Nipple
 Training Course
Level 4 - with award winning artist
Kally Moorhouse

Our Beginner 3D Areola Tattoo Training Course*
(for artists with 12 months experience)

Make this a 3 day course and add on Scar Revision and Scar Camouflage Tattoo Techniques - Click here to find out more...

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The Intro courses are specifically tailored to educate a previously trained Permanent Make-up Artist in a brand new skill. 

In this course you will cover Anatomy, Breast Surgeries, Scars, Machines, Needles, Speeds, Templating and Design.  We also cover aftercare, client management and touch on marketing.

What qualification do you need to take this course?

Pre-requisites for 3D Areola Tattooing are a basic certificate in either Machine Permanent Make-up, Tattooing with Machine (any area). We ask for 12 months hands on experience with a tattoo device or permanent makeup machine. 

We can train Doctors and Nurses - however please note this course is an extended course and will include more basic training and education in tattooing.

If you are not a tattooist, permanent make-up artist or medical professional and would like to enter into this career and offer this treatment we can offer you a specialised training course.  This unique course will teach you the Fundamentals, giving you the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to safely tattoo patients following breast surgeries. 

How long is the course?

This training course is a 2 day training schedule where you will learn in small groups the art of 3D Realism Areola Tattooing.

Schedule of Learning

In this course you will learn the highly sought after skill of 3D Areola Tattooing:


1 - How to tattoo a 3D Tattoo on a flat area of skin

2 - How to work on a surgically reconstructed nipple

3 - How to work on scar tissue


There will be pre-study and pre-practice required before you attend the in-house training. We have organised an online platform which all students will get access too.  This online platform contains all the information needed for the training.

The training course will start at 9:30am and finish around 5:30pm, or when the students have finished. 

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided

You will watch live demonstrations and also have the opportunity to work on live models*. 

Once you have completed your Online learning and also your 1 day Practical you will be required to submit 4 case studies for assessment.  As soon as you have submitted your case studies you will receive your Certificate of Achievement.  

In this course your will not be required to attend an additional assessment session, unless the trainer request you do this for further support. 

How to I book onto this course?

To book please email us at:

Bookings for this course are also available online to book or to look at available dates click here. BOOK ONLINE

To view dates on our booking site please ensure you leave the field  as 'First Available' as our training schedule is not set under a specific artist.  You will always have Kally as your trainer in this area of training.

Whats Included:

  • Fully Accredited Course

  • 2 day in house

  • Machine can be included*

  • Online Education - which does not turn off...

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Close small groups

  • Lunch & Refreshments

  • Case Studies & Assessments

  • Level 4 optional*

ALL of our NEW Students will be taking the Level 4 qualification for this training

We are the UK's Only training school with a Level 4 Qualification in

3D Areola Tattooing!

Course price - 


Is there a Kit or Machine included with this training course?

Kits are NOT supplied for this course. We teach many students from around the world and not all items are available to re-stock.  We therefore ask all students to source ranges close to the ones shown and explained in training.  

Each country has specific rules to Pigments and Needles so we want to make sure you are buying items you can use when you are home.


We will give you an extensive list of items to buy, many will already be in your stock cupboards as you are likely to be using these to tattoo in your day to day jobs.  If you are a complete beginner and are taking our Fundamentals Tattoo Training course you will receive a kit which will cover you for many of the items.  Please note there will be additional items to purchase which Kally will go through with you on the training days. 

Masterclasses are available for already trained artists.  This is a one to one hands on day.  To find out more click here:

Case Studies & Feedback

All NEW Students will be awarded a Level 4 Qualification in 3D Areola Tattooing.  This means you will be required to be assessed on your training and also complete the Level 4 Workbook. 


For this course if you successfully complete a PASS on your assessment you do not need to complete any additional case studies. If we feel that you would benefit from completing case studies you will be advised at the end of your training session.

To submit your case studies please email them to:

We will need:  Before images, Pre-Draw images, Immediately After images, Trolley images

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