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As soon as you have enrolled onto your beginners course you will be able to log on to the online pre-study element of your training.

For beginner courses, your pre-study is all available via the Online Link above.  Once you have clicked the link it will ask you to login.

> Login with your email address

> Enter the password: AdminStudent

> In the top look for 'My Courses'

> Select the first mini course to start - this is titled for you

You will automatically be enrolled as soon as you have paid your deposit.  The courses are set up as a bundle, therefore each module will be available for you to complete.  Please complete these in the correct order, you will be quizzed as you go.

The pre-study is required to be completed before your 'Classroom Training'. We ask students give themselves 4 weeks to complete the pre-study as this will give you enough time to practice and build that muscle memory when it comes to techniques and designs. If you start your online study late, or you have booked onto the course last minute you will be able to continue with your learning after your practical days.

Please do take this pre-study seriously, this is quite an intensive training course and we require dedicated students who have the willingness to learn.

The above link will take you to the pre-study site. Once you are here you will need to log in using your email address, we will have enrolled you from our end.  Any problems do please email

Good Luck and most importantly Enjoy!

Case Studies & Feedback


After you have completed your practical hands on training days you will be required to complete and submit case studies. These need to be completed on consenting models. (we would advise you be honest and let them know you are training)

Please submit your case studies via email - this is very simple to do, with everyone having the standard email facility on their mobile devises.  Case studies need to be submitted to use one email per case study.

What you need to submit

Please send in clear images of:

Before Images - Front on including both eyebrows/eyes/lips - Close up of each side

Pre-draw - Front on including both eyebrows/eyes/lips - Close up of each side

After - Front on including both eyebrows/eyes/lips - Close up of each side

TROLLEY SET UP - please include an image of your trolley set up. 


Level 4 Workbook

If you are taking the additional LEVEL 4 element on the beginner training courses you will need to complete the additional level 4 workbook.  This can be found using the above link, you will find this in the 'My Courses' section of the pre-study portal.  Please read each question and input your answers on Microsoft WORD or Apple PAGES document.


The level 4 workbook will take you some time to complete, it is all theory based and this will be marked after you have completed your practical days.  You will also be 'assessed' when you are in on your training days.  This assessment will be done via:


Direct Questioning - you will be asked questions to determine your understanding and knowledge in that area.


Watching and Listening - you will be required to complete models on your practical days.  When you work you will be assessed on your Presentation - Set Up - Hygiene - Health & Safety - Treatment - Aftercare - Client Consultation


Additional Assessment - if we determine you will need to complete a further assessment you will be advised on your training day.   

Once you have completed these additional elements successfully you will receive an additional certificate from OCN with your Level 4 qualification. 

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