All of our training courses are based on Tattooing and will require the correct tools and equipment.  We hope you find this page useful. There are some discount codes available to use, be sure to use them at checkout.

What will you need...?

For our BEGINNER training you will be supplied with a full kit.  When you get your kit please ensure you check the list of items to make sure you have received the correct amount and items.

When you start to need to replace these items please check back here and use the handy links to restock.  If there are items you require that aren't here on the list please contact us and we will update the list.

Conversion Course list

If you are taking our conversion course you will need to purchase the following items before or after your training course.  If you would like to wait until after the training course to make you purchases this is absolutely fine, as on the training you will be using machines, pigments and needles from The PMU School.

We do not require you to have any of these items before the course - this is personal choice if you would like to practice before arriving. 

DEVICE - This is the term used for the machine you will use for creating the Permanent Make-up.  We recommend the Defender ONYX 

POWER - This is the unit that delivers the controlled, safe energy to the PMU device. We recommend either the cordless Critical or the Critical Atom

RCA CABLE - When you order a Defender Onyx device you will be supplied with a RCA cable.  This cable fits into the end of the pen and then into the Critical Atom.  If you are using the cordless you do not need to use the cable.

FOOT SWITCH - This is not a necessity, this is personal choice and you can try one when you are on your training.


PIGMENTS - You may be already using a pigment line for your microblading work, we will discuss this at your training.  We use Hanami pigments for all of our Eyebrow work.

PRACTICE SKIN - Again, you may already have practice skins left from your microblading work, if you would like to order more for use at home please see the link above.  We will be supplying this on the training day.