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Beginners Diploma in Permanent Make-up - Hairstrokes

Beginners Diploma in Permanent Make-up - Hairstrokes with Machine

Our complete Beginner training course designed to teach you how to be a successful Permanent Make-up Artist 

Learn the fundamentals in Permanent Make-up, focussing on the stunning treatments available for Eyebrows!

In this course you will follow all Health and Safety measures and protocols, you will learn Colour Theory, Machines and Equipment, Skin Anatomy and of course Client Consultation and the Treatment.

In this EYEBROW Diploma you will learn:

Hairstrokes for All

Hairstrokes for Alopecia

Hairstrokes for Mature Skin


Fully Accredited and Certified to give you the best qualification in Permanent Make-up

What qualification do you need to take this course?

This beginner training is available to everyone, you do not need to have any beauty or make-up background to enrol.

This Beginner training will allow you to enter into the very lucrative industry of Semi Permanent Make-up and Cosmetic Tattooing. All we ask is for your commitment to learn and to understand the seriousness of these procedures.

The 3 Day beginner has no pre-requisite

The 2 Day add on is for all previously trained Microblade or Powder (Digital) artists.

Whats Included:

  • Fully Accredited Course

  • 3 Days in house training

  • Including Kit & Machine worth £1500

  • Online Education - which does not turn off...

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Close small groups

  • Lunch & Refreshments

  • Case Studies & Assessments

  • Level 4 optional*


Whats Included:

  • Fully Accredited Course

  • 2 day in house

  • Machine can be included*

  • Online Education - which does not turn off...

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Close small groups or 1-2-1

  • Lunch & Refreshments

  • Case Studies & Assessments

  • Level 4 optional*


£2500 Level 4

How the course is structured

The training course is now split into three parts, all need to be completed before you can progress to the next step.

Part 1 - Online Education - for this section you will need to pay your deposit so we are able to send you out your beginner kit.  Please note once the payment has been made you will be enrolled onto the online study and receive a kit, this is then non-refundable.  As soon as your deposit has been paid and you have received your Kit you will be able to begin your Online Training Element. The Part 1 learning is hosted on a platform which you will work through, this includes Pre-Recorded videos, manuals and practice exercises. This element is mandatory and all sections muse be completed before your hands-on training.  We recommend at least 4 weeks to complete your online learning. 

Part 2 - Hands on training with your trainer.  These very structured days will enable you to recap and practice what you have learnt following your online learning. You will also have the opportunity to work on a real model which is ideal for portfolio building and learning consultations.

Part 3 - Assessment Day & Case Studies (8)
After your hands on training we will require you to get more hands on practice on live case study models from your own clinic, salon or beauty room.  These will be completed in your 'Tattoo Safe' premises on friends and family.  These case studies are submitted via a Whatsapp Message, feedback is given via spreadsheet. 
8 Case Studies Required - 8 Hairstrokes
When you are ready you will need to book in your Assessment Day.

Schedule of Learning

In this course you will learn all there is to know about Hairstrokes using machine

There will be pre-study and pre-practice required of you before you attend the in-house training.


The in-house training is a 4 day course where you will learn all three techniques. We have now introduced the

Pre-Study which is equivalent to 1 day (therefore 3 days in house is required)


Each day will have an element of theory, with an online learning platform for your written sections.

The course will start at 10am and finish around 5pm

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided

You will watch live demonstrations and also have the opportunity to work on live models*. 

Once you have completed your in-house training you will be required to carry out 'Practice Work' on fake skins and also complete a number of live model case studies.  As soon as your case studies are complete you will be able to book in an assessment whereby you will be asked to carry out full consultation and treatment on a model. 

Each student will receive ongoing support and have the opportunity for a shadow day after your course has been completed.

What is Level 4?

Level 4 is a recognised advanced course whereby you will be required to complete additional learning tasks to ensure you have fully understood and have an in-depth knowledge about all areas of the course.  The level 4 is similar to the number referred to in Beauty Level 2 for example.  Certain councils and boroughs will ask of a Level 4 Qualification before they issue you with a Licence to tattoo, meaning this is a legal requirement for many students.  Check with your local council.  

In the not too distant future all areas of the UK will require all Microbladers and Permanent make-up artists are trained to level 4. 

How to I book onto this course?

To book please email us at:
We have dates available every month for the Part 2 Beginner Course.  If you would like to book onto this course we will require a 50% non refundable deposit.  This deposit releases the online learning element of the training and the beginner starter kit.  Once this has been paid please note we can not offer any refunds as the training course content has been released. 

Can I book onto the training, pay my deposit but book into the Part 2 at a later date?

Yes, you can book on and pay your deposit which will release your online learning element.  When you are ready to book your Part 2 please make contact via email - *Please note you must take your Part 2 no later than 3 months after the Part 1. 

Beauty Model

What is the difference between ' Microblading' and 'Permanent Make-up'?

The difference is the method of how the pigment/ink is implanted into the skin...

Microblading is a manual method of dragging tiny needles over the skin. Often likened to paper cuts, very shallow and should be when completed correctly a very minimal trauma treatment.

Permanent Make-up is an electric led motorised pen with disposable cartridges or needles, where pigment/ink is implanted into the skin in a back and forward motion.  Very much like a sewing machine movement. 

Both methods can create Eyebrow Tattoo's in Hairstrokes or Powder/Shading

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